Bal Leela

Bal Leela

Strange are the ways to get Butter. One day when Yashoda was churning, suddenly Balram and Shyam (One of the many names of Shri Krishna) reached there to make Yashoda happy. Krishna held the matted hair and started pulling it towards him and at the same time Balram held the rosary and did the same. Both of them said that they were very hungry and demanded for butter and bread. Yashoda told them to have milk and sweet, which were ready in the kitchen. Shri Krishna insisted on butter and bread because he did not like milk or sweet. Still Yashoda tried to convince him and said if he consumed much butter, his hair would never grow as healthy as Balbhadra's. Then Shri Krishna expressed his regret and said he could understand why he was refused butter and bread. On hearing this statement Yashoda looked at him questioningly and asked him why? Shri Krishna then said, Balram had told him that he was not the real son of Yashoda and that was the reason. Yashoda immediately offered him butter and bread and said, that Balram was lying.

1. Wonderful dance of Mohan One day Yashoda assigned some household works to all her maidservants, and started churning herself. At that time Krishna came and informed Yashoda that he was very hungry. Yashoda, being very busy, wanted to keep him engaged in something else. Accordingly, she requested Krishna to show her a dance till she finished her work. Shri Krishna then started dancing with the rhythm of churning vessel. It was such a wonderful dance that all the dancers from the heaven took the form of cowherds' wives and came down to the earth to watch it. In Gokul all cowherds' wives started peeping from the windows. On completing the dance, Krishna requested for food to Mother Yashoda. She took him into her lap and gave him milk. Krishna, thus, always made his mother happy by one or the other way.

2. Govind's love for cows Gopal had a distinct love for cows. Because of the virtuous actions in their previous births, all cows could manage to take birth at Gokul during the Krishna's time. Krishna loved and respected cows, as if, they were his mothers. On the other hand, cows had also great love for Krishna. There is a notable incident, which took place during that period. One day, one of the cows was continuously staring at the doors of Nandbhuvan, and waiting for Krishna to come out. That cow wanted to offer her milk to Krishna. The milk was automatically oozing from her teats. When Krishna came out and saw that cow, he immediately approached her and took a teat into his mouth and started sucking it. Yashoda saw this scene from the window and thought how lucky that cow was! She bowed to that cow from within.

3. A Punishment with love One day all cowherds' wives collectively came to Nandababa's place and complained about Krishna's mischief like stealing butter, milk and curd, teasing their children and many more. From within, they liked these Lilas, they, however, pretended to be angry and lodged their complaints. Yashoda said to Krishna she was fed up with all these regular complaints. She also instructed him not to visit their place. When Yashoda scolded Krishna, he replied, 'I promise, I shall never go to their place. They themselves are mischievous. First they invite me to their house and if I go, they start complaining against me.' Obeying Yashoda's instructions Krishna did not go to play outside. He instead went to play in the backyard of his house. A black cobra, having opened his hood, was looking at Krishna's games and was enjoying it. On seeing the snake, Krishna went upto it and started playing with it. She immediately pulled off Krishna and started scolding him. Fearful Krishna looked at his mother and started apologizing her. The Triloknath Krishna, of whom death is also afraid, was today standing there and afraid of his mother. Divine Raas Lila.

The Gopies represented the human being. The whole atmosphere appeared musical, as it were. Shri Krishna being an Avatar, he needed nobody. Out of love for the Gopies, he danced with them assuming many forms. Out of mercy for the people, the Shri came as an Avatar It was to make people aware of almighty God.

4. Pludering Butter for Monkeys One day Krishna went to Yashoda's lap to have milk. Out of divine motherly love, the milk was automatically oozing out of her breasts. She was enjoying herself by looking at Krishna. Suddenly she realized that she had put milk on fire. She immediately rushed to kitchen leaving Krishna halfway having milk and unsatisfied. Krishna got very angry; his lips were trembling with anger. He cracked a water pot. When Yashoda returned, she saw pieces of water pot scattered around, and she immediately knew what had happened. Krishna was nowhere in sight there. On searching here and there Yashoda found him in the next room distributing butter to Monkeys. From within Yashoda thought how lucky those monkeys were to receive butter from Shri Krishna! When Krishna saw his mother coming towards him having a stick in her hand, he ran away. From a safe distance, he started urging her mother to forgive him. Had there been any demon, equipped with weapons, Krishna would have remembered his Chakra (a circular missile weapon of Krishna), but he was helpless before the divine motherly love of Yashoda.

5. A Punishment of Bondage (Yamlaarjun) At last Gopal was caught. Yashoda told him she was fed up with his mischief. In order to teach him a lesson, she decided to tie Krishna with a stone mortar. Accordingly she brought one cord and tried to tie Krishna, but it was a bit short. She then brought one more piece of cord and joined them and again tried to tie Krishna, still cord was not long enough to tie Krishna. One by one she joined many cords together and tried to tie Krishna but all her efforts were to vain. When Shri Krishna saw his mother had started sweating, he let her tie him. On confirming Krishna was really tied up, she got engaged in her household work. As she had to do some special work at that time. Slowly, slowly he went in backyard garden along with the mortar. There, he emancipated two trees, which were waiting since ages for Krishna's incarnation. Actually they were sons of Kuber in their previous births. Because of their egoistic nature they had been cursed by Narad Rishi and got transformed into trees and had been waiting there for Krishna's arrival.  

6. Kaliya Daman A big Kali Nag was residing in the river Yamuna. Because of its presence the water of Yamuna got poisonous. When Shri Krishna came to know about it, he immediately decided to liberate the people of Vraj from the terror of this Kali Nag. One day Shri Krishna climbed a Kadamb tree and took a plunge into the river Yamuna seeing him Kali Nag got irritated. Kali Nag encircled Shri Krishna's body very firmly. Krishna's friends were frightened to see this fight. They started weeping. Mother Yashoda tried to take a plunge into the river, but cowherds' wives prevented her. It was just a divine play on the part of Shri Krishna. When He saw that everybody was very sad about him, he started to expand his body. Immediately a hissing sound of Kali Nag was heard and a fire was also seen coming out of its mouth. The fight between the Kali and Shri Krishna went on for quite some time. At last, Shri Krishna jumped over to Kali's hood and started dancing. Kali Nag had one hundred hoods. Shri Krishna had beaten him severely. At last Kali Nag got exhausted and he started bleeding profusely. Now Kali Nag remembered the Bhagvan Narayan as 'Adi Guru'. The wives of Kali Nag rushed towards Shri Krishna and offered him prayers. At last Kali Nag realized his mistake and implored to Shri Krishna - 'O! Shri! I am very wicked and angry by nature. Your Maya enamoured me. You are the root cause of my nature and this Maya. I surrender to you. Please bless me and at the same time punish me.' Then Shri Krishna sent him to Ramnak Island and made Yamuna river free from the clutches of Kali Nag.
When Indra came to know that nobody worshipped him, he got very angry with Nandababa and cowherds. Stung by this insult Indra ordered the rain-God to invade Vraj. The whole Vraj was reeling under the impact of torrential rain. Dazed at this sudden calamity the people sought Shri Krishna's help. To protect his devotees, Shri Krishna lifted the Govardhan on the tip of his little finger. For seven days, Shri Krishna held the Govardhan thus forgetting food and water. Shri Krishna's YogMaya dazzled everybody, including Indra. The rain stopped and everybody was free from anxiety.
Govardhan was in its place now. The people of Vraj thanked Shri Krishna from the bottom of their heart.

7. Cosmic Dance It was a full moon night. The Nature was at its best. Worshipped by Gopies, Shri Krishna looked very pleasing. Shri Krishna was very pleased with the Gopies. By his YogMaya, Shri Krishna manifested himself in several forms. The Divine Raas Lila was started. The God from the heaven could not resist the temptation of watching this Divine Raas Lila. The Gopies represented the human being. The whole atmosphere appeared musical, as it were. Shri Krishna being an Avatar, he needed nobody. Out of love for the Gopies, he danced with them assuming many forms. Out of mercy for the people, the Shri cameas an and Avatar. It was to make people aware of almighty God


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