Instructions for Govardhan Parvath Parikrama

In Vraja-bhakti-vilasa the following instructions are found concerning parikrama of Govardhana Hill:

  • One should offer proper respect to all the Deities, cows, brahmanas, trees, creepers, rocks and kundas one sees
  • One should not offend any living entity, moving or non-moving otherwise one will lose the benefits of his parikrama.
  •  While performing parikrama one should not wear shoes or leather items and one's cloth should be freshly washed.
  • 0ne must observe brahmacarya and take bath as well as clean teeth before starting parikrama.
  • One should not perform parikrama at night.
  • While performing parikrama one should move carefully so as not to kill any living entities on the path.
  • If one becomes sick during parikrama one should stop and take rest, parikrama should be continued after health is regained.
  • One should not leave his parikrama uncompleted.
  • Women should not perform parikrama during their menstrual period.
  • One should not strain himself while performing parikrama.
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