Krishna is inconceivable

All the creations, material and spiritual are inside Krishna, yet He is present in His complete form within each and every atom. He is non-different from His potencies and by these potencies He creates, maintains and destroys. The effulgence of His body is the impersonal, non differentiated Brahman glorified in the Upanishads. His external potency embodies the three modes of material nature, goodness, passion and ignorance, but He is never touched by these modes. The wheel of time moves under His direction yet He is never affected by it. He lies on Ananta Sesa, His own plenary portion, in yoga-nidra (creative sleep) and creates millions of universes from the pores of His hair that last only the duration of His exhalation, yet in each of these universes He descends as His own avatar. All virtues, all vices, the Vedas, all forms of austerity, all living entities, the nine elements of the material worlds, the spiritual worlds, the cycle of karma, all enjoyment and suffering, all devotional service, everything that is to be known comes from Krishna. He is the cause of all causes.

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