Lord Krishna and the Four Yugas

This earth is a boon gifted to humans to live by Sri Krishna, but our selfish emotions and the desire to rule this world destroys the purity of nature. The span of dharma or method of worshiping and achieving oneness with the almighty on this earth is divided in four different parts.

The Satyug which means where dharma existed in whole power with truth, generosity, peace and purity, ‘Tapa’ was the path to be followed to purify ones soul.

Tretayug which means dharma’s glory reduces a bit and shined with truth, generosity and peace, thus ‘Yajna’ Vedic fire sacrifices were the source to achieve lord.

In Dwaparyuga dharma possessed only truth and generosity; hence generous offerings made were a source to achieve Lord. It is in this Yuga that Lord Shri Krishna the avatar of lord Vishnu possessing sixteen kalas blessed this earth and protected it from the horrible devastation. The kings like ‘kansa’ believed to reign world with evil means, thus Shri Krishna destroyed such evil souls and spread the knowledge of pure love, peace ,harmony and revealed the principles that one should follow for one’s purification of soul.

Last is the ongoing Kalyuga in which Dharma exists only with the power of truth and one can achieve enlightenment by merely reciting the name of Lord Krishna with love and devotion.


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