Sakhya Rasa

Shri Krishna has defined friendship a sacred bond of life by depicting his friendship with his childhood friend Sudama. During the days of gurukul Shri Krishna and Sudama had become good friends and with time sudamaji went to Mathura and settled their as a Brahman. Sudamaji worshipped Shri Krishna as his deity and his family survived on the charity he got from the villagers; his poverty increased with time thus his wife advised him to go to his friend Shri Krishna and ask for help for he had become the king of Dwarka. Sudamaji didn't agree but seeing his family’s miserable life he agreed to it. His wife gave him a tiny bag of rice she had just begged it from her neighbor. When Sudamaji arrived to Dwarka his state was too bad, for he walked from Mathura to Dwarka his feet got swollen covered with mud pricked with blades of grass, clothes clad and feeble body. On the gates of Dwarka's palace he told the guards to inform Shri Krishna that his childhood friend Sudama had come to meet him, though guards didn’t believe but they still informed Shri Krishna of his arrival. As Krishna heard this message he ran towards the gates of palace bare feet and hugged Sudama. On seeing his friend in that pitiful state Shri Krishna’s tears rolled out. He welcomed Sudama with full respect and requested him to spend some time in Dwarka with him. Shri Krishna gave a special treatment to Sudama and respected him in every manner. Shri Krishna knew that Sudama hid the bag of rice his wife gave as a gesture for Krishna in order to avoid humiliation of being poor. Shri Krishna snatched it from Sudama and accepted it with pleasure. Sudama left for Mathura, but regretted for he couldn't ask Krishna for help. On reaching Mathura he was astonished to know that Shri Krishna had blessed with tons of wealth without even him not asking for it. Shri Krishna depicted it clearly that wealth and status never decides the fate of a relation. Friendship when done should be carried out with love, care and respect. He even proved the proverb; “A friend in need is a friend indeed”. Sudamaji is an example of sakhya rasa because he had entrusted himself to Shri Krishna with full love though his friend was rich he didn't demand for help, but maintained his self respect and showed that friendship is a mutual understanding not a relation of demands.

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