Sri Radha rani and Nikunja

The mystical world of nikunj is ruled by Sri Radha and to enter the corridors of Nikunj one has to be blessed by her. Sri Radha the symbol of pure love and the soul of Sri Krishna is very innocent and tender. But Sri Radha cannot be easily approached because her aura is too mysterious to be understood by one. The world of Nikunja is based on the transcendental love filled endeavors of Sri Radha and Sri Krishna. Holy land of Nikunja consists of four eternal parts which are: Sri Radha, Sri Krishna, Vrindavan and the Sakhis. The world of Nikunja is untouched by the worldly materialistic illusions and selfish desires. Its every part for e.g.: the trees, river, soil flowers, birds etc are nurtured and nourished by the transcendental pure selfless love filled devotion of Sri Radha and Sri Krishna.

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