The Significance of Gosewa and Goshala

Cows are the most sacred animal and offering them prayers can bless one all desires. Cows are worshipped as mother of all gods. Their cow dung known as 'Gobar' is use as substance to clean and purify unclean places and the urine known as 'Go-mutra' is used in ayurvedic medicines. The 'go-sewa' means taking care of cows and 'goshala' other name for cowsheds in vrindavan. In all Lord RadhaKrishna temples only cow's milk is used to make and offer white butter or 'Makhan', in making sweet porridges like 'rabri', 'kheer' and 'barfi'. It is believed one who takes care of cows or 'Go palan' is blessed by Sri Krishna's eternal abode known as 'Golokadhama'.

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