What does Krishna look like

Krishna is a person, an individual, with a transcendental body full of the most dazzling splendor. Even though Krishna is the oldest, the most ancient and primeval, He looks ever youthful. His eyes are like the petals of a blooming lotus flower. His head is decorated with a peacock feather. His complexion is bluish, like the hue of rain clouds. Around His neck swings a garland of flowers decorated by the moon-locket and He is adorned by many jewels. In His hands he holds a flute and He manifests a graceful, threefold bending form. In the material world, Cupid or Kamadeva is considered to be most attractive. But the beauty of Krishna surpasses that of a million Cupids.
The body of Krishna is completely spiritual and qualitatively composed of truth, bliss and eternality. His body is not subject to decay. and each of His limbs posses the full functionality of all the other limbs.

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