Why Krishna Fed Monkeys

Mother Yasoda says to Gopal, “Your intelligence, your play, your activities, all these are like that of the monkeys. And You are with so many monkeys. Gopal, are You not afraid, surrounded by so many monkeys?” He took help from the monkeys when He was Lord Rama.
Gopal says: “Ma, mother, these monkeys had helped Lord Rama. Rama was going to conquer Lanka, and kill Ravan. At that time these monkeys had undergone severe tribulations, suffering, suffering, suffering. Lord Rama was wandering in the forest. He had no good food to give them. He had nothing. He was wandering in the forest, what good food could He give them? These monkeys had undergone much suffering at that time. Sometimes they couldn’t get anything at all to eat. They may be jumping from one branch to another to get some fruit, or they may not get anything at all that day, so they had to fast. Now see, mother, how they are stretching out their hands, begging for mäkhana, ’Give us, give us, give us, mäkhana,’with so much delight they are eating.” This is such wonderful lélä, sweet lélä. Thereby the Supreme Lord makes His bhaktas, devotees drown in this ocean of happiness, joyfulness and pleasure.Yasoda-mata, due to her parental love,  vätsalya-rasa, she has forgotten that Krishna is Bhagavan. She thinks, “My son, my son.” Always thinking how everything will be auspicious for her son, how her son will be happy, only these thoughts. Yasoda-mata, by the activity of yoga-mäyä, has forgotten all these things and thinks:
“My son, my son.”
trayyä copaniñadbhiç ca
sänkhya-yogaiç ca sätvataiù
upagéyamäna mähätmyaà
harià sämanyatätmajam
(Bhäg. 10.8.45)
“The glories of the Supreme Personality of Godhead are studied throughout the three Vedas, the Upanishads the literature of säëkhya-yoga, and other vaiñëava literature. Yet mother Yasoda considered that Supreme Person her ordinary child.”
Sämanyatätmajam, in the three Vedas whose glories are sung. Copaniñadbhiç, who is glorified in all the Upaniñadas. trayyä copaniñadbhiç ca sänkhya-yogaiç ca sätvataiù.
Those who are säëkhya-yogés, they engage in analytical discussion on Him. Those who are devotees offer prayers to the Supreme Lord Krishna. But Mother Yasoda says, “He is my son, He is my son.” Sämanyatätmajam. This is pure vätsalya-rasa.

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