Birla Temple - Mathura

In year 1946 sammat 2002 jugal kishore birla had constructed this temple in the golden memories of his mother-father in mathura.

This temple is famous by the name gita temple or birla temple. This temple is having an effigy of lord Krishna for darshna. Lakshmi narayana and sita rama figurine is on left and right side. On the outer side temple having a huge effigy of lord hanuman ji, temple involve, gita regency abode, gita pillar, 18 chapters of Gita were written on this gita pillor. One lord's chariot is also there. On the occasion of gita jayanti temple is having main festival, which is celebrated with immense enthusiasm.

In this area there is also the picture of picking the Girraj Mountain by Krishna is shown. Going forward you are going to see the mansi Ganga image and on the backside one hoop is saving the eggs of “tddivi” a kind of bird.

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