The Dwarakadheesh Temple - Gujarat

The Dwarakadheesh temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Krishna, who is worshipped here by the name Dwarkadhish, or 'King of Dwarka'. It is situated at Dwarka, Gujarat, which is believed to have been built after the historic Dvarka city, the Kingdom of Krishna which submerged into the ocean after the Mahabharata war. The main shrine of the 5-storied building, supported by 72 pillars, is known as Jagat Mandir or Nija Mandir, and is believed to be 2,500 years old. The Dwarkadhish Temple is a Pushtimarg temple, hence it follows the guidelines and rituals created by Shree Vallabhacharya and Shree Vitheleshnathji.

The present temple was built in 16th century CE, while the original temple was believed to have been built by Krishna's grandson, Vajranabha, over the hari-griha (Lord Krishna's residential place). The temple became part of the Char Dham pilgrimage considered sacred by Hindus in India, after Adi Shankaracharya, the 8th century reformer and philosopher, visited the shrine. Even today a memorial within the temple is dedicated to his visit. Dwarakadheesh is the 108th Divya Desam of Lord Vishnu on the subcontinent, glorified in the Divya Prabandha sacred texts.
Temple specialties

The flag atop the temple shows the sun and moon.
The flag is changed from 5 times a day, but the symbol remains the same.
The pristine condition of the temple and an important discovery in its surroundings has led to the nomination of UNESCO World Heritage Site status to the     temple.
There are two styles of building a temple: the Dwarkadhish temple is built in the Shaiva style whereas the Bet-Dwarka temple is built in Vaishnava style


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