Krishna and Banasura
Banasura was a demon who worshipped Shiva. And pleased with Banasura's worship Shiva promised to fulfill his wish. The arrogant Bana asked Shiva to guard his gates. Shiva took greatoffense at this but had to agree because he had already given his word. Eventually, Bana became more powerful and one day he expressed his wish to fight with someone. Shiva said his wish would be fulfilled when the flagstaff on his palace was broken. Bana's daughter, Usha, loved Krishna's grandson Aniruddha. Bana did not like this. Once, when Aniruddha came, Bana captrured him. Narada informed Krishna about the incident. Krishna arrived at Bana's palace and broke his flagstaff. Recognising the signal, Bana attacked him. Krishna won the battle and was about to kill Bana when Shiva begged him to spare Bana's life. Krishna agreed on the condition that Bana apologised for his mistakes. Bana then asked Shiva, to forgive him.
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