Krishna and the Washerman
While Krishna and Balarama were roaming in the city of Mathura they came upon washerman cleaning his clothes. Krishna asked him for some clothes and told him that he would be blessed for life. Unfortunately , the washerman who was a servant of Kansa , did not understand Krishna's words. Instead he became very angry and said, "How dare you ask for clothes that belong to King Kansa." He warned the brothers that such impudent behaviour could get them into trouble in Kansa's country. 
To teach him a lesson Krishna lifted him and with a thrust of his hand severed his head, killing the washerman.
All the other washerman saw the power of Krishna. They understood that by killing their fellow washerman God was trying to pass on the message that one should be giving, and that God showers his blessings on those who give generously. Krishna was then gifted a garment by each washerman.
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