Krishna kills Shisupala
Seething with anger at Rukmini's marriage to Krishna, Shishupal wanted revenge. He approached Rukmi with the hope of getting his support, but Rukmi refused to help him after his humiliating defeat at the hands of Krishna and Balarama. After Bhima killed Jarasandha, Yudhisthira organised a famousrajasooya yajana. He invited many kings and princes. Shishupal too was invited. As the yajna began, Shishupal saw Krishna in the crowd. Seeing him there he began hurling abuses at Krishna, Shishupal thought​ he would get the sympathy of the other guests.The invitee​s stood startled but Krishna remained quiet. Finally, when Shisupal uttered his hundredth abuse, Krishna turned to him. Then taking his  Sudarshan Chakra, he flung it at Shishupal. The weapon slashed Sishupal's head. As Shishupal lay dead, the crowds cheered.
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