Krishna love for the butter
As Krishna grew older his pranks increased. Tales of his love for milk and butter had spread in every household. Whenever the milkmaids crossed the fields, Krishna and his friends shot pebbles at them to break the milk pitchers. Knowing Krishna's love for milk products, Yashoda kept the butter jars tied together and hung them from a high ceiling where Krishna's hands could not  reach. One day, seeing Krishna fast asleep, she went to fetch a bucket of water from the nearby well. Krishna jumped up and whistled aloud. A group of boys and monkeys came running into their home. They quickly huddled together to help Krishna stand on their shoulders and get down jars. Then they sat down to eat the butter. They were so absorbed that the did not see Yashoda enter the house. Furious, she chased them with a stick. The monkeys and friends ran away but Krishna got a good spanking from his mother.
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