Krishna marries five queens
When Mitravinda, princess of the kingdom of Avanti, chose Krishna over Duryodhana at her Swaymvara, he was furious. He watched helplessly as Krishna took his bride away with him. The religious king of Kausalya, Nagnajit, had a very beautiful daughter named Satya, also called Nagnajiti. Nagnajit had laid down the condition that a brave man who could tame seven wild bulls could marry Satya. When Krishna arrived , Nagnajit was overwhelmed to see a god and he secretly wished Krishna to marry his daughter . Krishna won the challenge and married Satya. Next, the kings of the Kaikeya kingdom offered their sister, Bhadra, to the god in a grand ceremony. When Laksmana, daughter of the king of Madra prayed to Krishna , he appeared at her Swayamvara and married her.
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