The Demon with a Thousand Hands
Bansura, the demon, had a thousand hands with which he played the mridanga, while Shiva danced the tandava. Pleased with his talent, Shiva became his protector. Banasura became very arrogant and powerful after this. Banasura had a daughter named Usha. One day, she saw a man in her dream and fell in love with him. Usha's friend, Chitealekha, painted a picture of the man of Usha's dreams based on the description given by her. The picture resembled Anniruddha, Krishna's grandson. Usha asked her friend to help her get the man of her dreams. Chitralekha flew to Anniruddha and brought him to Usha. They fell in love with each other. Banasura did not approve of this and imprisoned Anniruddha.
Hearing this, Krishna came to rescue his grandson and fought Banasura. In the end Krishna defeated Banasura. Finally, at Shiva's request, Krishna spread Banasura's life but cut off his thousand hands leaving only four.
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