Wonderful dance of Mohan One day

Wonderful dance of Mohan One day Yashoda assigned some household works to all her maidservants, and started churning herself. At that time Krishna came and informed Yashoda that he was very hungry. Yashoda, being very busy, wanted to keep him engaged in something else. Accordingly, she requested Krishna to show her a dance till she finished her work. Shri Krishna then started dancing with the rhythm of churning vessel. It was such a wonderful dance that all the dancers from the heaven took the form of cowherds' wives and came down to the earth to watch it. In Gokul all cowherds' wives started peeping from the windows. On completing the dance, Krishna requested for food to Mother Yashoda. She took him into her lap and gave him milk. Krishna, thus, always made his mother happy by one or the other way.

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