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Holi at Barsana

Holi at Barsana
The seat of Shri Radha has all the touch of romanticism. The songs sung by people recall the pranks of Radha and Krishna and their love for each other and the gopis. The visitors move around in large and small groups singing, dancing and applying colours, intoxicated with the thoughts of Radha and Krishna leela.

The climax of the festivities is in the afternoon when the gops of Nandgaon come to Barsana to play Holi with the local gopis. The women play Holi by hitting the men hard with a two and a half metre long bamboo staff. The men (gops) protect themselves with shields.

The violence of the attack is mellowed down by the singing of folk songs specially composed for the occasion which express, in a variety of ways, how the Holi festival had enraptured the belles of Barsana. 
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