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Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan
Raksha Bandhan Festival is celebrated on the full moon day of the Shravan month as per the Hindu lunisolar calendar. It celebrates the sibling bond of brother and sister’s love and is celebrated prominently in the Northern and Western states of India.

In some places, there is variation including additional festivals celebrated along with it. However, the essence of the festive celebration remains the same which is tying of Rakhi thread on the wrist of brother’s hand. The most ideal way to celebrate the ritual of Raksha Bandhan as per spiritual procedure is as follows:

On this auspicious day, the sister should prepare a Rakhi Thali (plate) which should include a small ghee lamp, Akshat (rice preferably mixed with turmeric), a Kumkum to apply as tilak, a Rakhi and a sweet.

She should then conduct puja in puja altar and offer prayers to Deity along with the family.

She should place a short wooden stool where her brother is to be seated and decorate it by drawing Rangoli design around it. If Rangoli design is Sattvik (pure), inspired by sacred Yantra patterns, it would emit positive frequencies in the environment.

The brother wearing new clothes and placing a cloth on his head should sit on the stool preferably facing the East or North direction. Then the sister should stand facing the brother with the puja plate in hand. Both brother and sister should mentally pay obeisance to God with their eyes closed and pray for the protection of each other.

The brother specifically should pray that he would make sincere efforts to protect his sister and the society, nation, and Dharma. The sister should apply tilak on the forehead of the brother and then tie Rakhi on the right wrist of the brother.

This should be followed by waving a ghee lamp in front of the brother in a semi-circular motion followed by throwing of Akhat rice on the head of brother. The brother should present a gift to his sister as a token of love and sister should respect this gesture of her brother by accepting his gift.

The Rakhi has positive effects on the brother who wears it. So, to make the most of the festival, one can choose a Rakhi which is made of pure materials like Roli thread, pure silver, gems, or Rudraksha beads. One can also conduct Raksha Bandhan special Vedic pujas for the wellbeing of brother and sister. Vedic pujas are rituals conducted as per Vedic austerities to invoke divine blessings for positivity impacts on life. 

Vedic puja for Raksha Bandhan like Raksha Bandhan puja for invoking Laxmi Naryan blessings, Ayush puja for longevity, and Good Luck and fortune puja for invoking Kuber, Laxmi and Ganesh blessings can be performed with the help of pandit ji. These pujas help improve sibling relationships and increase love and respect among them and family as well as relatives and bestow protection, growth, peace, and good health.
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